2016 Chesapeake Bay Cruise

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ASA104 Intermediate Coastal Cruising Course


June 8 to 12, 2016 




Luda Bauer, Leo Krieg, Barbara Perona, Alberto Ramirez


H. Jochen Hoffmann

June 8, 2016- Wednesday, Day 1
Weather forecast: Cold front; Gale force winds over 45 knots after 6 PM; Small Craft advisories until 2200. Thu: NW 15 gusts to 22. Delay departure to Thursday due the weather. Conduct onboard ASA104 Training.

Thursday, Day 2
Dinghy training in harbor yesterday at 0730; Med Mooring training; depart marina for Annapolis. Arrive with Alberto at helm. Enter Annapolis at 1530. Stopped at Chesapeake Bay Marina with Luda at helm. Standing turn and exit. Mooring at Annapolis Harbor for the night. 

Friday, Day 3
Weather forecast: WNW 15-25 knots. Finished engineering checks including waste system and found head totally clogged. Transferred to anchorage. Trouble shooting was unsuccessful. Frank Mummert from MDSchool came from Rock Hall to fix it. Requested transfer from mooring to Port Annapolis Marina. Frank removed toilet paper and two wipes. He believes wipes are from earlier class. (We did not use any.) Finished at 1900. All to dinner then text review. 

6/11/16- Saturday, Day 4
Weather forecast: SW 15-20 gusts to25 knots. DR navigation, Tabular Log, Boat check. Tack across bay. Shot bearings for fixes. Sailed on reach to Eastern Bay. Text review. Clairborn Harbor; two anchors off bow. Take test and all students passed. Swim and relax. 

6/12/16- Sunday, Day 5
Students complete navigation plan for the day. Weather forecast: WNW 20-25 knots; Gale in PM; Double reef in main. Cross Kent Narrows. VHF Com. Winds increase. Reef jib deeply. Manage to fuel up, pump out and dock with effort. All well.

H.J. Hoffmann
June 12, 2016


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