2016 Chesapeake Bay Cruise

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ASA104 Intermediate Coastal Cruising Course


 May 15-19, 2016




Roger LeBoeuf, Glen Scarcelle


Steve Runals

Sunday 5/15/2016
Glen Capt., Roger Navigation. Developed cruise plan and meal plan the night before class. Provisioned. Reviewed location of safety equipment, and costal navigation. Crew plotted course to Swan Creek at Rock Hall. Winds 15-30+ knots. Double reef. Very reduced head sail. Challenging conditions once past Love Point. Nice anchorage. Dinner onboard. Summary: Heavy westerlies 15-30 kts. Departed at 1100. Halyard fouled while raising the main. Double reefed main, unfurled 2/3 jib. Bumped bottom from R6 to R2. Reduced jib during beat at south end of Chester River. Anchored in Swan Creek. Two other boats also anchored 

Wednesday 5/16- Day 2:
Departed Swan Creek, wind W 15-20 on route to Kent Island Narrows. Arrived with 5 minutes before 12’clock noon opening. Once thru into Eastern Bay, MOB. Under power. Winds dropping, arrived St. Michaels marina and secured by 1500. Visit to Chesapeake Bay museum. Had dinner ashore. Summary: Trip to St. Michaels. Start time 10:00 AM. Narrows by 12:15 PM. Yield to mariners at Bridge, opens every one and a half hours, monitor channel 13, horn one prolong and one short. 1st leg one hour and 45 minutes at 5 knots 

Tuesday 5/17- Day 3:
Departed marina by 0830. Light winds and rain. Allowed to sail once around point. Rain. Light winds during cruising of the Bay. Fog and rain. Into West River and Rhode River. Rain and no wind. Anchored with two other boats. Spent afternoon studying ASA subjects. Dinner onboard. Rain finally drops off by 1800. Cool. Summary: Glen Capt., Roger Navigation. Gray skies, rain, and wind N at 5 knots. Under sail at Junction of Miles River and Eastern Bay. Under power again at Junction of Eastern Bay and Chesapeake Bay 

Day 4:
W 8-15 N. Great beat north of Annapolis. Took several two-bearing fixes along way. Into Annapolis by 1330. Pump out and moored by 1400. After lunch crew took and all passed ASA 104 test. Dinghy to town for walk about and dinner. Returned to boat. Watched end of Wednesday night races. Light wind today. No rain. 

Day 5:
Departed Annapolis at 0600 with light rain and little wind. Motored to Love Point. Set pole but not enough wind to sail. Several two-bearing fixes. Head clogged. Attempted suck/flush out, pumped out head, refueled.

Captain Steve Runals
May 19, 2016


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