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Course Advanced Coastal Cruising; DELMARVA Circumnavigation
Date October 15-22, 2004
Students: Lucas Nealan, John Bowman, Brian Shire & Paul Kidd
Captain: Joe Kliment

Oct 15, Friday
After introductions, the students became familiar with the course and the vessel. We spent the day learning the shipís systems, planning our course, selecting a watch schedule, assigning responsibilities, taking inventory of the galley supplies, and developing a cruise menu. The crew purchased & stowed provisions, had a relaxing dinner and turned in early, to be rested in preparation for their sailing adventure to begin tomorrow.

Oct 16, Saturday
Paul took us out of the slip and we proceeded up the Chesapeake under sail in a brisk wind. We followed a 4 hour watch schedule for the students and their selected partner to man the helm.  The crew took bearings and studied the charts as Brian navigated a course to bring us to Summit North Marina in the C&D canal. After refueling and pumping out, John skillfully parked HALIMEDA in a slip for the night.  Dinner at the Captainís Cove was a relaxing finale for this crew after a great day.

Oct 17, Sunday
We left the slip early, to ride the flood current East & enter the Delaware River with optimum conditions. Lucas navigated our course to Cape Henlopen, arriving at dusk. The coastal weather forecast looked good, so we continued South into the Atlantic Ocean, sailing past the DE, MD & VA coastline through the night while using dead reckoning to navigate.

Oct 18, Monday
We continued to sail along the Virginia coast, practicing dead reckoning, and tacking with different points of sail. As we sailed through the night the Cape Charles light came into view and showed us the way.

Oct 19, Tuesday
We entered the Chesapeake Bay late in the morning, heading up Thimble Shoals Channel. Continuing to the inlet at Little Creek, Lucas brought HALIMEDA into Taylorís Landing Marina, where we refueled, filled with water & pumped out before taking a slip for the night. 

Oct 20, Wednesday
After checking the weather, we headed up the Chesapeake in light winds and limited visibility. As the day progressed the winds pick up from the SW and large cumulonimbus towered from the west. We prepared for storms while keeping watch for commercial traffic, which was frequent.

Oct 21, Thursday
During the early morning, the wind backed to the NE at 10-20 knots with rain, fog and thunderstorms. We made our way safely up the Bay, arriving at Annapolis late in the morning. We tied up to a bulkhead on Ego Alley and had a relaxing lunch before the students took their ASA 106 test. Everyone passed and we celebrated with a fine dinner ashore!

Oct 22, Friday
With Brian at the helm, we departed Annapolis for Swan Creek. We refueled, filled with water and pumped out at Haven Harbor, then Lucas brought HALIMEDA into the slip in Spring Cove. The crew cleaned the ship and were awarded their well deserved certificates. Another hardy group of sailors had gelled into a team and were ready for their next adventure.

Captain Joe Kliment
Rock Hall, MD
October 23, 2004

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